Site Rank | 5 Actionable Tips on how to make your site rank faster [with Screenshot]

Site Rank | 5 Actionable Tips on how to make your site rank faster [with Screenshot]


There are many ways to make your site rank faster. But very few of them are actionable. Today I am going to help share 5 actionable tips

on how to make your site rank faster than your competitor. Ok! let’s get into it.

Tip-1: Choose low competitive keywords

In most of the cases, we always want to rank overnight. But very few of us can do that. We always try to drive traffic from keywords which

is most searched on the internet. So we pick up them and try to make content and build backlink with the keyword. But its totally wrong.

When a keywords search volume is low its mean its competition will also be low. Just pick them up. Make content and try to build link

around them. When you are able to rank them then you can easily move up for higher search volume keyword. This thing is very

actionable and very easy to use. There are tools like moz which can help you to find these kinds of keyword.

site rank tips-1



Tip-2: Focus to get links from high DA websites

This is very important to get links from high DA websites. To get backlinks I really would recommend you to write guest post and then

outreach it on blogs. You just need to insert your links into it. Google will always give priority those sites which have incontent link. For

Purpose, I have created a list for my self. Click this link to get the list.

I have also shared a bonus tip on how to get high DA link absolutely free.

site rank tips-2

Tip-3: Make sure your site is not over optimized

This is really a very important thing on site rank. If your content is over-optimized then make sure it is under controlled. Because over

optimization can lead you into a Google penalty. So make sure this thing below:

  • Keyword Stuffing: This is really a very important thing. Your focus keyword must be under 4% of total content.
  • Over anchor text on the same keyword: Make sure your focus keyword is not over anchored. 2-3 time is good.
  • Link from toxic Domain: Make sure you don’t have any link from toxic domain. Use google webmaster to disavow toxic domain.

Tip-4: Make sure you have rich snippets for your contents

Rich snippet always makes content awesome. Rich snippets helps Google to understand what the content is about. It is considered as a latest ranking factor.

Rich snippets is not much hard to implement rich snippet on your website. You can do it alone or you also can buy gig from Fiverr. If you don’t know how rich snippets look like let’s see:

site rank tips-4

You can use for learning rich snippets.


Tip-5: Always focus on what your competitor is doing [Site rank Special Case]

This part means to know what your competitor is targetting for getting traffic to their website. And the only way to know this is Content

Gap analysis.

There are many sites who provides you to understand your competition and get their keyword list. I really would like to recommend

SEMrush for this because it allows a free user to analyze up to 5 competitors.

site rank tips-5

Bonus : Click the link to get link starting from 0.00003

Site Rank | 5 Actionable Tips on how to make your site rank faster [with Screenshot]
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Site Rank | 5 Actionable Tips on how to make your site rank faster [with Screenshot]
To make your site rank faster I guarantee you these 5 tips will burn your all competitor down. These 5 actionable tips is very easy to win
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